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Coaching with Sylvie Lalonde

Meet Sylvie

Certified Integral Master  Coach™ 

Sometimes in life we take a leap of faith.  Remember the leap is not about getting from one side to the other.  It’s about taking the leap… trusting the air, the universal breath, will support your wings so that you may soar.” Kristi Bowman

Sylvie specializes in the development of mindful and resilient leadership, with an emphasis on self-leadership to gradually become a role model for others to emulate. She leans on her extensive experience as an educator and school principal as well as on the latest theories supporting best practices to encourage everyone to thrive.  


She is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and incorporates a somatic dimension from various fields to support clients in adopting a new “energetic posture”.  She can also guide you in navigating challenging life transitions or in using your creative potential more fully.  In a professional context, the coaching program can also focus on the quality of interpersonal relationships to optimize productivity and performance, while also cultivating a deep sense of respect for each person as being part of an inclusive and welcoming community.  


These themes are often not separate from one another, and the individualized program evolves with the client, incorporating just what is most critical from session to session.  As the author of your own life, what is the next step you need to take to feel engaged, energized and connected and to show up as the brilliant person you truly are?

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Areas of Specialty

Work/life balance

Life Transitions

Health and wellness

Building stronger relationships

Leadership development


Realizing your full potential

begins on the path of Self Love. Begin your journey today.

“I appreciated the kind spirit and genuine approach that Sylvie used for my coaching sessions. I truly benefited from these qualities in my coaching and my yoga with Sylvie. I highly recommend her services.”

“Under Sylvie's gentle but directed guidance, I was able to discover the main topic that I needed to focus on to challenge and break away from entrenched patterns...”

“This collaborative journey was beyond my expectations and wildest dreams. I did not anticipate the magnitude of change, the new found discoveries and relationship I would begin with myself”

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Moment of lift,
each one of us in our own unique way.

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