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Integral Coaching Canada

I want to acknowledge the depth and wisdom of this coaching school and wish to thank the founders, Laura Divine and Joanne Hunt for their outstanding training programme. I also thank my teachers Susan Loree and Steve Beckett as well as my coaches for their support and their commitment to being of service to all of humanity.

My appreciation also goes out to Rae Kess, Integral Master Coach

for increasing my motivation to create this website by stating clearly that a website is the new business card 

when I was doubting the value of this exercise.    



Photography and technical expertise

Maxine MacKinnon 

Maxine has always been a wonderful daughter and I cherish her with all of my heart.  She is the architect of the web structure and the technical expert in the construction of the site. Her talent as a photographer and her knowledge of marketing were instrumental in making this project possible.  



Nature photographer

Kevin Cover

Kevin, my dear husband is an enthusiastic photographer who appreciates the natural world and wildlife. He also enjoys the technical aspects of all things relating to photography. This site reflects his eye for beauty. 

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