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Hello, I am Sylvie

Integral Master  Coach™ 

My formal training in human development  with Integral Coaching Canada and as an educator is complemented by my rich life experience.  I am down to earth, practical and have the ability to guide and inspire you to step up to your full potential.


I design a programme unique to you, using the knowledge of diverse fields of study such as research on the brain and neuroplasticity,  the wisdom of Eastern philosophies, attachment theory and secure functioning from the field of Psychology, movement, music, poetry, from various Art forms.   

My experience as a coach is enriched by my extensive knowledge and practice of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and other forms of dynamic exercises. This enriches the coaching programme which is designed to empower you around your topic and allow you to fully embody a new way of being.


I also worked in education for over 30 years as a teacher and school principal.  I continue to be interested in leadership development, the empowerment of leadership of all human beings and in the integral development of the human potential.


I use both sensitivity and rigour as I work with clients. They are often pleased to feel evidence of progress early on in the programme.

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