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About Powerful Conversations

Each coaching conversation allows you to gain more awareness into your present way of being by identifying blind spots that are hindering the achievement of desired goals. With more clarity, a fuller repertoire of actions and ways of being become available which create more opportunities to  realize your heartfelt desires. 

Possible Fields of Intervention

  • Health and wellness to support you in living life with enthusiasm and vitality while maintaining balance;

  • Adaptation and thriving as you encounter life transitions at school or work, around retirement, relocation, a separation, initiating new relationships...;

  • Nurturing interpersonal relationships with colleagues, your children, your spouse;

  • Leadership development and living with more ease as you align with your purpose; 

  • Realization of a personal objective that solicits your values, your creativity, your motivation, your intuition.

       (photograph on right -Kaleigh and Alex Rajna

       our daughter and son in-law)


My Commitment

Once you have identified a topic that is dear to your heart  and yet challenging, I will accompany you by designing a coaching programme that is specific to your developmental needs.  


The coaching conversations and weekly practices designed specifically for you, allow for the development of awareness and skills that are transferable and sustainable. You will gain  access to a new way of being and behaving that will support you in all areas of your life.

(photograph on left - Maxine MacKinnon our daughter)

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